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They say we are asleep until we fall in love, We are Children of Dust And Ashes.  But when we fall in love we wake up and we are a god- and angels weep...   ~Dust & Ashes (The Great Comet) 

ARE of NYC Prosperity & Abundance Support Group based on the Economic Healing Readings that came from the Original Search For God Study Group Led by Edgar Cayce in the early 30s.   Catherine facilitates this group which meets each Sunday.  For more details about this group, go to the link to the ARE of NY website on the Contact Page.  On the Website, Search: "Spiritual Growth Groups." 
Due to the ongoing Scheduled Subway Construction, 
Prosperity Group resumes in the fall in Bay Ridge Brooklyn at 4pm on September 24th.  Bay Ridge is 40 minutes from 34th Street in NYC.  For meeting location and directions, please email Catherine through the Contact Page.

Catherine Believes that the angels and unseen forces led her to work with this group ten years ago to aid in her own healing.   This would also lead her to the spiritual work she is doing today.  For more details about this, go to the article about Catherine in the link here:

September 16th--ARE of NY Fair
Catherine will be at the ARE of NY Fair from 5pm to 7pm, giving Intuitive Healings and Angel Card Readings--first come first serve.  Sessions are 20 minutes for $30.  Sessions are donated to the ARE of NY.  ARE of NY fair is from 1pm to 7pm.  For more details, check out the ARE of NY Link on the Contact Page.

November 9th--Diana Montford Show
Catherine will be appearing on the Diana Montford Show, November 9th at 10pm est.  Show Topic: Prosperity.  The Show is Broadcast on the following New York Stations: Time Warner Cable (Channel 34), RCN (Channel 82) Fios (Channel 33), The Manhattan Neighborhood Network High Def Station (Channel 1993) and MNN.Org-Channel 1 (Goto MNN.Org and Punch Channel 1).  

Private & Remote Sessions,  Aromatherapy, Gift Certificates, & Other  Love Items...
Half Hour and One-Hour Private & Remote Sessions---Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.   
For more details about sessions go to the About Catherine Page, or email me thru the Contact Page.  For Aromatherapy and other Love items, go to the link on the Contact Page. 
  ***Please email me or find me on Facebook for full details about  any upcoming events listed here.  Facebook Search: Catherine Outeiral. ***
As early as eight years old, 
Catherine realized she was different from other children. It would be much later that she would perceive these differences as gifts. (These gifts include: Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance and later Clairalience).  At 14, the death of her young nephew Stephen led her to question her mainstream religious beliefs--and also why we all come here. She credits Stephen for putting on this Healer's Journey. Despite much career success (as an Associate Editor, Marketing Coordinator, and Corporate Concierge) and also many unique traveling adventures, she realized something was truly missing. Catherine was guided to seek spiritual expression through her unique sensitivities. She has studied and been attuned to many healing modalities in the past 20 years and has incorporated these studies into her own unique form of intuitive healing. During the Caretaking of Catherine's mother (who transitioned in late 2009) the angels began to come through. Catherine now works with a group of Messengers of Light she calls: "The Angelic Team."  
 Check out the "About Catherine Page" on the Website
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