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Why Roses & Angels?  My spiritual journey began in earnest in 1996, with a fabulous trip to Egypt and Israel.  I have learned many things along the way, but I really believe we are all here to teach and learn about Love.
The Year 2009, was a part of the journey that ended with the passing of my hero--my mom--on September 21, 2009.  My mother taught me a great deal about three things: faith, hope and love.  My mother spent the last nine months of her journey shuttling back and forth between a hospital and a hospice.  Throughout that time, I chose to become a caretaker.  I decided since I was the one person in my family who believed in miracles (thru my energy work) I would be the one who could heal her and get her off the respirator.  I was unable to give my mother that miracle, but I was able to give her the angels.
Since the beginning of 2009, the angels have been present in my life and my Healing Work.  I believe they came to help give me strength and courage as a caretaker.  I have had tremendous results with people who have structural damage where there is no hope--people who have been in car accidents, who have fallen, and people who have nerve damage.
My mother was a very devout woman, and prayed often to Saint Theresa in the hospital and nursing home at this time.  While I was in my home in the morning, often getting ready to go to visit her, I often smelled roses.  When I would see her, I would often ask her what she was doing that morning around 11:30am.  She would tell me that she was asking St. Theresa to shower her children with the grace of roses. I was the only one who ever smelled the roses, and did so on several occasions.
Since my mothers passing, many miracles have occurred (and continue to occur) confirming to me that there truly is no death.  Mom has continued to contact me from the other side either through members of the family, through messages from birds, and even through dreams.  And I still smell the roses from time to time. And the message is truly to always have love in my life--and always share the love--that is all that you take with you to the other side.
About Catherine...
I have studied and been attuned to many healing modalities in the past 20 years (Traditional Usui Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Modern Shamanism, Sacred Sound Healing, IET, and more) and have incorporated my studies into my own unique form of Intuitive Healing. 

Since I have began public service in 2009, I have seen nearly 2,000 clients.  Past public clients include Aviator Sports, The Dept. of the Aged, Brooklyn Public Library, and also Riverkeeper.  I am an Empathic Medical Intuitive Healer (this means I often feel pain or illness in the way the client does) and have confirmed tumors and other forms of illness several months before confirmation is received thru a doctor and traditional medicine.  And since the angels have become present in my life, I also offer a unique-brand of Angel Healing as well.  Additionally, for the past nine years I have offered Angel Card Readings publically.
I have been working with aromatherapy and herbs over 30 years.  I have been offering my unique aromatherapy kits on Ebay part-time since January 2008.  I have sold over 600 of these kits to individuals and Holistic Centers throughout the United States since I began offering them online in 2008.  My most popular sets are: The Chakra Kit, Chakra Kit with Gemstones, Creating Sacred Space, 12 Signs of the Zodiac, and Fragrance Sets 1-5.   Search "Kissmekatedelta88" on Ebay for more details or check out my Contact Page for a link to my current online offerings. 
LongStanding Member of The NY Spiritual Community
Catherine has been affiliated with the ARE of NY over 22 years.  She is a former Board Member, and she has been in service there behind the scenes over the years in numerous capacities since 2011.  She also has facilitated a Prosperity Group there for over 10 years.  It is an ongoing group that is modeled after the Economic Healing readings of Edgar Cayce.  For more details about this ongoing group, go to the Home Page.  She also has been a part of the Mission of A Course In Life With Christopher D'Orta (Lazarus) since 2009.  Christopher D'Orta is known as "The Nutritional Warrior," and has appeared numerously on TV and Radio.   For more information about Christopher D'Orta and his website (A Course in Life), go to the Contact Page.

Catherine has been sharing her gifts with family and friends since the age of ten.  She has shared her gifts with the public since the Spring of 2009.  Her clients indicate that she brings about radical long-term shifts in conciousness and healing.

Private Sessions
I offer one-hour private sessions on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays in New York City. Services include: Usui Reiki, IET Sessions, Angel Card Messages, Intuitively-Guided Aromatherapy Sets, Edgar Cayce Health Remedies.  Session work may include: Chakra Balancing, Aura Balancing, Healing Love Trauma Sessions, Safe Delivery for Childbirth Sessions,  Sound Healing & Pendulum Sessionwork,  Energizing (Of Stones, Crystals, Aromatherapy), Space Blessing, and more... For more details or to link to my online love offerings go to the Contact Page on the Roses&Angels Website. 
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